Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Why is my Internet not working?

A: STELLAR users are required to subscribe for service online. If you have not yet placed your order:
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A: We understand you may run into connection issues from time to time. Flip to pages 12-15 in the Tech Guide for some common problems and solutions..

Q: I already signed up at my leasing office. Why do I need to subscribe with STELLAR?

A: We require more information in order to activate and set up services. Also, we give you the ability to customize your order to fit your technology needs so we need to know what services you’d like.

Q: My account was set up under my old roommate. How can I transfer the account to my name instead?

A:A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer an account from one person to another. You’ll need to subscribe as a new customer and create your own account but not to worry, our subscription process is easy and stress-free.
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Q: How long will it take to activate service?

A: Once your order has been successfully submitted, it may take 24-48 hours to process your order and activate your service. If you selected any equipment, you’ll be prompted to choose a pick-up date or schedule an installation appointment.

Q: I already pay for the Technology Package through my leasing office. Do I get charged by STELLAR as well?

A: Billing is explained in detail throughout our subscription process and varies based on your community. Your cart will display monthly and one-time fees that may apply depending on your selections. Your cart will also identify whether the charges are billed by your leasing office, DIRECTV or STELLAR.

Q: Still having issues?

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